Photography is the art of capturing moments. It’s a beautiful skill that requires imagination, patience, and a keen eye for detail. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, there are some basic techniques that can help you take better photos. In this post, we’ll discuss some of these techniques that every beginner should know to start their photography journey.


Composition is the way you arrange the elements in your frame. It’s how you position your subject, the background, and the foreground. A well-composed photograph is an aesthetically pleasing photograph. The rule of thirds is one of the most basic composition techniques. The rule suggests that you divide your frame into nine equal rectangles and position your subject on the lines or intersection points. This helps in creating a visually balanced image.


Exposure is the amount of light that enters the camera sensor. It determines how bright or dark your photograph will be. There are three components of exposure – aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Aperture is the opening in your lens that allows light to enter. Shutter speed controls the duration of time in which the sensor is exposed to light. ISO determines the camera sensor’s sensitivity to light. It’s essential to have a good understanding of these components to get a well-exposed image.


Focusing is the process of adjusting the lens to get a sharp and clear image of the subject. There are two types of focusing – manual and autofocus. Autofocus is the easiest and most commonly used technique. You can select the focus point, and the camera will adjust the lens to focus on that point. In manual focus, you need to adjust the lens manually to get the sharp image you want. It’s essential to focus correctly to avoid blurry images.


Lighting is the most crucial aspect of photography. It can make or break your image. Natural light is the most preferred lighting for photography. The golden hour, which is an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset, is the best time to capture photos. The light is soft, and the colors are warm and beautiful. If you’re indoors, you can use artificial lighting like lamps, studio lights, and flashes. It’s essential to know how to use the lighting to get the best results.


These are just some of the basic photography techniques that every beginner should know. Photography is a vast subject, and there’s always something new to learn. Practice these techniques and experiment with different subjects and settings. With time, you’ll get better and start developing your style. Happy clicking!